Q: Do I have to have a homebirth if I choose a midwife?

A: Place of birth is your decision. We believe you will labour best in the place where you are most comfortable. Midwives are equally skilled and comfortable with both settings.

Q: How much does it cost to have a midwife?

A: Midwifery services are covered by the community health branch of the Ministry of Health. There is no cost for midwifery care for those who are permanent residents of Ontario.

Q: Can I still see my family doctor, or an obstetrician as well as a midwife?

A: Midwives are primary caregivers. This means that women must choose to see either a midwife or a family physician. During your care with midwives, if needed, you may be referred to an obstetrician or an other appropriate specialist. Your midwife will continue to provide supportive care. For medical problems unrelated to your pregnancy, you will continue to see your family doctor.

Q: Do I have the option of pain relief?

A: Midwives are skilled in providing labour support that assists women through birth without the use of medication. However, options for pain management, including epidural, are available to midwifery clients. Midwives support women in making informed decisions regarding pain management.

Q: What if there are concerns about my baby or myself?

A: Midwives are part of the maternity care team. Should concern about you or your baby arise at anytime, your midwife will arrange consultation with the appropriate healthcare professional. Midwives continue to provide care in collaboration with other health care professionals.

Q: What kind of training do midwives receive?

A: The Ontario Midwifery Education Program is a four-year university degree in Midwifery. Some Ontario midwives may have been trained in other countries, provinces or jurisdictions and have proven to our college that they meet Ontario's registration standards.

Q: Can I have a midwife if I am a surrogate?

A: Yes, midwives provide prenatal, labour and postpartum care to surrogates.

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