Care & Services > StudentsWomancare Midwives is a preceptor site for student midwives. The option of having a student involved in your care may be offered to you. Midwifery students are in placement with us from four months to one year. You will only have one student assigned to you and students always work under the supervision of a midwife. You will have several opportunities to meet the student prenatally. The student will also attend your birth if you are comfortable with that. You play an important role in teaching future midwives sensitive, woman-centered care. Your feedback to them, and to us, is an essential part of their experience.

Ontario Midwifery Education Programs

Clinical Course Descriptions

Introduction to Midwifery

After a one week introductory session, the students spend the first two terms of the programme following women through pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum to gain an understanding of women's experiences in pregnancy, birth and early parenting. The student's role is support and observation. Through small group discussions, students will be oriented to the midwife's role and the philosophy of practice in Ontario.


Midwifery Placement 1

The student learns how to care for women during pregnancy, labour, birth and after the birth. When students are with women, the midwife teacher is always with the student. The student learns how to perform clinical skills and provide information. The midwife teacher shows the student how to support the woman during the birth.


Midwifery Placement 2

The student acts more and more as the midwife, but she always has her midwife teacher nearby.


Midwifery Placement 3

By this time, the student is expected to know a lot about how to care for women all through the pregnancy, birth and after the birth. She can do much more of the care of the woman and baby with her midwife teacher nearby.



In the last course, the student must show that she can give all the care for the woman and the baby from the beginning of the pregnancy, during labour and birth, and after the birth. The student will be the midwife, but the midwife teacher is always near.


Midwifery Education Program Brochure

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