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Womancare is comprised of several midwives who practice as a team. Upon entering into midwifery care you will be assigned to a team of 2 midwives. Our goal is that you are equally comfortable with both members of your team, as most likely one of the two midwives will attend your labour and birth. One member of your team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. In rare circumstances, such as illness or many births occurring simultaneously, another midwife who is not a part of your team will be called on to provide your care. Two midwives attend each birth; these will typically include one midwife from your team and another member of the practice.

Philosophy of Care

Womancare Midwives' philosophy of care is based on respect for the birth process and womens' ability to give birth. We are guided by the principles of continuity of care, non-authoritarian relationships, client as the primary decision maker, choice of birth place, appropriate use of technology, and time spent with women to develop non-authoritarian relationships and provide information to facilitate informed decisions by the client.

Clinic Appointments

We value your time and our time together to achieve the goals of continuity of care, information sharing and understanding.

Prenatal appointments are 30-45 minutes in length to allow time for your questions and concerns to be addressed. This also allows time for discussion about various topics including: nutrition, exercise, physical and emotional changes in pregnancy, medical procedures, preparation for labour and birth, complications, infant care and breastfeeding. Partners, other family members and support persons are always welcome.

We make every effort not to rearrange pre-scheduled appointments, however; being available to clients at all hours for labour and birth means that our midwives are often on-call while doing their clinic. If a midwife has been called out to a birth or is sleeping after attending a birth during her clinic day, your appointment may need to be cancelled on short notice. In these situations, we try to notify you as soon as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding.


Womancare Midwives is a preceptor site for student midwives. The option of having a student involved in your care may be offered to you. Midwifery students are in placement with us from four months to one year. You will only have one student assigned to you and students always work under the supervision of a midwife. You will have several opportunities to meet the student prenatally. The student will also attend your birth if you are comfortable with that. You play an important role in teaching future midwives sensitive, woman-centered care. Your feedback to them, and to us, is an essential part of their experience.


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